How to get others to recognize your brilliance – without bragging

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Once upon a time it was possible to claim with confidence: Nobody likes a braggart. Now you have to qualify the statement: “unless he’s a billionaire, promising to turn the clock back to the 1950s, and Russian hackers are spreading … Continued

Why we’re celebrating the addition of Viola Desmond to the $10 bill

    Is putting Viola Desmond on the Canadian $10 bill crass symbolism or a significant step forward? Just ask Adrienne Clarkson. When she served as Governor General, Chinese Canadian girls across the country suddenly experienced a future of expanded … Continued

Less is more (how your mobile’s stop watch will improve your speaking)

My cabinet minister client was a speechwriter’s dream: She had deep knowledge of, inspirational passion for, and a lifetime of stories relevant to her portfolio. She also had a great sense of humour, and a strong and unique voice, which … Continued

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