Recent Commentary by our Grads

The women with informed opinions that we’ve trained, inspired or supported have published hundreds of commentaries in daily newspapers and prominent online sites, generating additional interview requests and exposure as a result. Here are just some of the analyses they’ve contributed as a result:


How an NGO coalition helped score the Muskoka initiative

Policy Options by Elly Vanderberg 7 February 2017

As nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) today consider how to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), the current UN development framework, it is helpful to reflect on how a coalition of NGOs in Canada contributed to a 2010 “policy win”: the Muskoka Initiative. The coalition persuaded the Canadian government to champion ideas and goals not previously on its agenda and, in the years following, ensured they were implemented.

Activism without borders gives Canadians a voice in U.S. politics

Huffington Post by Ann Rosenfield 30 January 2017

Saturday night, Sia pledged $100,000 to match gifts to the ACLU to help overturn the Trump administration’s de facto ban on travellers coming from several Muslim-majority countries.

Within hours, people had tweeted donation receipts including Rosie O’Donnell and Judd Apatow. It wasn’t just Sia. Other people, famous and ordinary alike, also issued gift challenges starting at $500. This is a new use of a backroom fundraising strategy for a greater purpose.

‘Future-proofing’ skills through polytechnic education

The Globe and Mail Report on Business by Nobina Robinson 26 January 2017

For the foreseeable future, Canada will face sluggish growth, declines in job quality, and considerable gaps in both productivity and infrastructure. This bleak scene is the result of a confluence of several factors – demographic shifts, under-investment by business in equipment and training, and a global economy that has yet to fully recover from the 2008 financial crisis. Add to this, new threats such as automation that have the potential to disrupt employment further.

Why I’m joining the Women’s March on Washington

The Ottawa Citizen by Sarah Neville 18 January 2017

I hate crowds and I’ve never been able to sleep on a bus. I’ve got looming client deadlines, and my family’s weekend is packed: hockey games, birthday parties and piles of laundry. So why would I opt to spend two restless nights on a charter bus with 53 strangers, headed to the Women’s March on Washington? I’m busy, I’m tired, my family needs me. But I’m going. I have to. Here’s why.

Respond to Aleppo by sponsoring a Syrian family

The Toronto Star by Bree Akesson 20 December 2016

You may feel helpless watching the horrors in Aleppo unfold on your television screen and across social media over the last several days. Perhaps you have expressed your outrage or shook your head in disbelief. But there is something that Canadians can do to respond.

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