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Informed Opinions’ “grads” have published hundreds of commentaries in daily newspapers and prominent online sites, generating additional interview requests and exposure as a result. Here are just some of the analyses they’ve contributed as a result of participating in our programs:


Recent polls show a need to stand up for multiculturalism

Montreal Gazette by Amira Elghawaby 28 December 2014

My dad recently retired from the federal public service after spending over three decades serving this country. His job was to make sure that Canadian-made airplanes were as safe as possible. He was celebrated for his dedicated service by his colleagues and staff upon his retirement. Accolades came in from international safety agencies and aerospace corporations from around the world.


Why has Canada still not signed the UN’s Optional Protocol on Torture?

Huffington Post by Amira Elghawaby 19 December 2014

Canada, along with other democratic nations, is against mob rule. That’s essentially what groups like ISIS and their ilk, of various faith denominations and political persuasions, represent. These groups have no time for the rule of law, human rights, or internationally recognized rules of engagement.


Judicial appointments show an indifference to diversity

Toronto Star by Rosemary Cairns Way 19 December 2014

The latest round of federal judicial appointments offers, yet again, evidence of the government’s utter indifference to the need for a judiciary that actually reflects the population it serves.

Vancouver police refute ‘spike’ in crime near new housing projects

Director of the School of Community and Regional Planning at UBC, Penelope Gurstein continues to provide insight into housing issues

Read her additional article in the Vancouver Sun

Study decries criminal defence lawyers’ online marketing

Globe and Mail 11 December 2014

Research into the online marketing of lawyers conducted by Dalhousie law professor, Elaine Craig, is profiled in this article.

Ottawa to respond to details of Ashley Smith inquest on federal prisons

Globe and Mail 10 December 2014

Kim Pate, Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies, advocates in this story for the elimination of segregation — an issue on which she has led for many years.

The words that were weapons

Ottawa Citizen by Jodi Brunh 8 December 2014

We need to talk. We’ve heard it from First Nations leaders and former prime ministers, from academics, novelists and public intellectuals. If we’re finally to move from conflict to cooperation, non-Aboriginal Canadians need to enter into a deep, difficult dialogue with Aboriginal peoples.

Women can help change the culture on Parliament Hill

Ottawa Citizen by Nancy Peckford and Raylene Lang-Dion

To say it’s been a tough few weeks for Canada’s members of Parliament would be a massive understatement. Already very weary from the gunman who forced his way into the Hall of Honour three weeks ago, the Hill was rocked last week after allegations of serious misconduct came to the fore and two male MPs were suspended from the Liberal caucus.

Canadians should be bolder in supporting charitable causes

Toronto Star by Jess Tomlin and Marcia Cardamore 14 November 2014

Canadians are generous people. In 2010, the vast majority of us – 84 per cent to be exact – collectively donated some $10.6 billion to charitable and not-for-profit organizations. Almost half the Canadian population volunteers their time, energy and expertise to charitable causes.


Women take action for institutional change in Vancouver city elections by Christine O’Fallon 11 November 2014

We’re talking about it — we’ve been talking about it for years, in fact. The difference is that not so many people were listening before.


Young Vancouverites fleeing to more affordable pastures

Metro Vancouver 9 November 2014

Penelope Gurstein, Director of the School of Community and Regional Planning at UBC comments on the the affordability challenges of Vancouver’s real estate market.

Would hearing a candidate’s voice change the way you vote?

CBC Radio 7 November 2014

Molly Babel, UBC Linguistics Professor provides fascinating context about research into the snap judgments we make about people on the basis of their voice on CBC Radio’s The 180.

Gene patent lawsuit aims to clear up confusion in Canada

Toronto Star 3 November 2014

Jehannine Austin,UBC Professor of Genetics offers context to a recent legal challenge to the patenting of genes.

Election results tell tale of two cities

Toronto Star by Kara Santokie 29 October 2014

Are we fed up yet? Between a seemingly interminable campaign season and a record 64-per-cent voter turnout, election-weary Torontonians might be forgiven for being a bit bleary-eyed in the days following, while the reality of an end to the Ford era sinks. But what have we woken up to?

Arresting domestic violence at work

Globe and Mail 21 October 2014

Barb MacQuarrie, community director of the Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children at the University of Western Ontario in London, discusses how to put in place violence in the workplace policies and procedures. 

Are race, gender at heart of Chow’s perceived communication problem?

Toronto Star by Sarah Neville 20 October 2014

Rolling yourself up in carpet is one way to avoid your political foes. In Cleopatra’s case, the young queen had supporters smuggle her past hostile guards in a rug to build an alliance with Caesar against her brother. The rest, as they say, is history.


Academic questions about the ebola crisis by Kerrie Thornhill 15 October 2014

In this blog post, Kerrie Thornhill discusses how academics can contribute to the ongoing ebola crisis by addressing its root causes in global inequality. 

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