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Informed Opinions’ “grads” have published hundreds of commentaries in daily newspapers and prominent online sites, generating additional interview requests and exposure as a result. Here are just some of the analyses they’ve contributed as a result of participating in our programs:


Five reasons to stop obsessing about balanced budget

Globe and Mail by Lisa Philipps 9 April 2015

As the 2015 government budget season rolls out across the country, what should Canadians really be watching for? So far the bottom line is hogging too much of the attention.


Tame playgrounds aren’t moving children, experts say

Vancouver Sun 1 April 2015

Park planners are starting to pay attention to the research of UBC’s Mariana Brussoni about the dangers of too-safe playgrounds.


New websites aim to sort information from nonsense on bipolar disorder

Vancouver Sun 21 March 2015

UBC psychiatry professor Erin Michalak and her team create online tools to support people living with bipolar disorder.


Bottom trawling may continue until there is nothing left

ABC 20 March 2015

Eminent marine conservationist and UBC prof Amanda Vincent is leading the way to protect endangered ocean species.

Amanda Vincent is also featured in the summary article


The great divide in Toronto Housing

Considering the February weather that Torontonians have just endured, the overheated housing market defies all logic. It feels a bit like saying that the average house price in Whitehorse just crossed $1 million.


What Colin Firth shows about metaphysics pf love

Daily Xtra 13 March 2015

UBC Philosophy professor, Carrie Jenkins, is studying the interplay between the biological and sociological aspects of love.

Vancouver needs a city-wide plan to manage growth

The Vancouver Sun by Penny Gurstein 6 March 2015

If you were the city of Vancouver and were repeatedly criticized for making planning decisions behind closed doors, how would you gain the trust of your citizens? Recently, the B.C. Supreme Court echoed those concerns and put the brakes on a development in Yaletown. Now the city plans to mount a lengthy and costly appeal. Instead, might you want to consider this setback as an opportunity to take a fresh approach?


Mansplaining: Feminists fight back with language

Metro News 6 March 2015

Annette Henry, UBC and Janni Aragon, UVIC, weigh in on the context for and use of the recently coined, and increasingly popular “mansplaining”


The hijab is perfectly suitable attire for the courtroom

The Toronto Star by Amna Qureshi 2 March 2015

Judge Eliana Marengo has made a serious error by telling a Muslim woman that she must take off her hijab in court before her case would be heard. Her justification — that the woman was not “suitably dressed” — is wrong-headed and a troubling slippery slope.


Physician-assisted death is an equality issue

Victoria Times-Colonist by Maneesha Deckha 1 March 2015

Dignity in death is not just about the right to choose. It’s also about equal treatment.


Vaccine rates vary across school districts in the northeast

Alaska Highway News 26 February 2015

UBC immunology professor Pauline Johnson provides expert knowledge on vaccinations.

Record number of female students enroll in UBC engineering program

Global News 23 February 2015

Sheryl Staub-French, of UBC’s Engineering faculty, offers insights into the value of having more women engineers:


In time for Valentine’s Day: An inquiry into what love is 

BC philosophy professor, Carrie Jenkins, is engaging the public in her research into romantic love.

And also in this 24hrs Vancouver article: Philosopher studies ‘metaphysics of love’


Don’t take Black History out of context

Ottawa Citizen by Rakhi Ruparelia 18 February 2015

I hear Sister Sledge’s We Are Family running through my head whenever I see evidence of Canada’s self-congratulatory satisfaction in our professed racial harmony and multicultural success. The most recent trigger was the poster created by the government of Canada in honour of Black History Month. It features strong, dynamic, and inspirational athletes beneath the headline: “Proud of Our History.”


How to build a world-wide classroom

Maclean’s 16 February, 2015

Winner of a prestigious 3M Teaching Fellow, UBC’s Sara Harris is using a MOOC to align climate policy with science


Canada is making queer refugees “queue jumpers”

Blogging for Equality by Nicole LaViolette 11 February 2015

Much has been made of Immigration Minister Chris Alexander‘s recent announcement that Canada will take in 10,000 Syrian refugees in response to the United Nations’ appeal to help resettle Syrian refugees worldwide. The cause is urgent: millions of Syrians who have fled the brutal civil war are languishing in countries that simply do not have the resources to care for them.


Include Huronia victims in redevelopment plans

The Toronto Star by Kate Rossiter 5 February 2015

How would you feel about buying a condo in a building that had previously been a residential school or internment camp? Would you feel differently knowing that the people harmed at the institution had been consulted in the redevelopment process?


Toronto budget fails to address poverty reduction

The Toronto Star by Kara Santokie 23 January 2015

Toronto may be richer than we think, but there are many people in this city who are poorer than we think.


Sex-assault conviction erased, new trial ordered because Alberta judge too sensitive to rape culture

National Post 19 January 2015

University of Ottawa Law Professor, Elizabeth Sheehy provided context to a recent sexual assault trial


In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king

Pambazuka News by Kerrie Thornhill 13 January 2015

Violent fantasies are founded on two assumptions. First, that violence can solve one’s problems. Second, that one is good at violence.


Recent polls show a need to stand up for multiculturalism

Montreal Gazette by Amira Elghawaby 28 December 2014

My dad recently retired from the federal public service after spending over three decades serving this country. His job was to make sure that Canadian-made airplanes were as safe as possible. He was celebrated for his dedicated service by his colleagues and staff upon his retirement. Accolades came in from international safety agencies and aerospace corporations from around the world.


Why has Canada still not signed the UN’s Optional Protocol on Torture?

Huffington Post by Amira Elghawaby 19 December 2014

Canada, along with other democratic nations, is against mob rule. That’s essentially what groups like ISIS and their ilk, of various faith denominations and political persuasions, represent. These groups have no time for the rule of law, human rights, or internationally recognized rules of engagement.


Judicial appointments show an indifference to diversity

Toronto Star by Rosemary Cairns Way 19 December 2014

The latest round of federal judicial appointments offers, yet again, evidence of the government’s utter indifference to the need for a judiciary that actually reflects the population it serves.


Vancouver police refute ‘spike’ in crime near new housing projects

Director of the School of Community and Regional Planning at UBC, Penelope Gurstein continues to provide insight into housing issues

Read her additional article in the Vancouver Sun





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