Ralph Klein speaks for women?!

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Today’s Ottawa Citizen carries a lively and persuasive piece by Equal Voice Executive Director, Nancy Peckford  about one of the factors that keeps women out of politics, quoting none other than former Alberta premier, Ralph Klein.

In its efforts to support the election of more women to public office, Equal Voice has challenged all parties in the House of Commons to live up to their rhetorice of respect and actually take a day off from insulting invective — all in honour of the Persons Case, celebrated next week.

As incentive, EV is bringing 100 youth to Parlimaent Hill to witness Question period, noting that the decision about whether or not to consider a life in politics is often made very early on in life.

It’s a great initiative, and Informed Opinions is delighted to have supported Peckford in giving it some profile in the Citizen.

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