Conversations that matter: For women in media, it’s still a man’s world

08 April 2017

Stu McNish, host of Conversations that Matter, recently interviewed Shari to discuss women in the media and why it’s still a man’s world.




Monsef, marches, misogyny – where do women go now? 

27 January 2017

Christina Spencer of The Ottawa Citizen interviewed Shari to discuss Status of Women Canada.



Globe masthead oline


The double standard women face in politics and business

29 October 2016

Leah Eichler of The Globe and Mail interviewed Shari to discuss the difficult double standard many women in leadership positions must confront.




Women experts weigh in on U.S. election, gender issues in public life

20 October 2016

Val Fortney of the Calgary Herald interviewed Shari to discuss women experts speaking up, Donald Trump and Speaking Her Mind, a conference being held at the University of Calgary encouraging women to contribute to public discourse.




University of Calgary encourages women to speak up

20 October 2016

Shari joined CBC Radio in Calgary to discuss Speaking Her Mind, a conference being held at the University of Calgary encouraging women to speak up and contribute to public discourse.

Listen to the full interview





Speaking Her Mind conference arrives in Calgary

17 October 2016

Informed Opinions’ founder Shari Graydon was interviewed by Josie Lukey on the upcoming Speaking Her Mind conference being held in Calgary.


La Segunda

Women Talk

Universidad Diego Portales

Chilean interviews

5 April 2016

During a recent visit to Chile to collaborate with the local non profit group, Hay Mujeres, Informed Opinions’ founder also did interviews with:


Federation Professionelle des Journalistes du Quebec


La parole des femmes ne fait pas le poids

Printemps 2016

Femmes invisibles dans les medias: a qui la faute?




Got women? Canada’s mainstream media inching toward gender parity

3 March 2016

Informed Opinions’ founder Shari Graydon spoke with host Ed Hand on 1310 News in Ottawa and News 95.7 host Sheldon MacLeod in Halifax about our latest research.

Listen to Shari’s interview with 1310 News’ Ed Hand


When it comes to women in media, let’s #AskHerMore

2 March 2016

Based on Informed Opinions’ latest research, Rachel Giese reports on how women are responsible for a paltry quarter of the expertise and opinion in Canadian media.


Women in news appear infrequently as experts

28 October 2015

A tongue-in-cheek post card Informed Opinions created to offer journalists a few tips on how to overcome what we jokingly referred to as “female source reluctance” got a lot of attention on Twitter this week, resulting in live interviews about our work with CBC Vancouver, Kelowna and Victoria.

Listen to the full interview


Counting Canada’s women political columnists on one hand

20 August 2015

Informed Opinions’ catalyst, Shari Graydon offers context alongside Star columnist Susan Delacourt, CP reporter Jennifer Ditchburn and National Post columnist Tasha Kheiriddin for the dearth of women political columnists.



Vocal style “vocal fry” growing in popularity

5 August 2015

On the heels of her op ed in the Globe and Mail, Shari Graydon provided commentary on the criticism of vocal habits common among young women in an interview with CP24 host, Stephanie Smyth.





Telling your research story – make it accessible

1 June 2015

Victoria Hawkins provides a brief summary of Shari Graydon’s Career Corner workshop, “Ideas Matter: Telling Your Research Story,” which focused on helping scholars share their knowledge beyond the ivory tower.


Underrepresentation On A Systemic Level

19 March 2014

Steve Paikin ignites a firestorm with his blog post about women being underrepresented in the media. Shari Graydon makes a return appearance on The Agenda to respond and address his post.

A number of radio stations followed up on the commentary Informed Opinions’ founder Shari Graydon published on Huffington Post about this issue with interviews on the same topic.

Virgin Radio 96, Kelly Alexander show, 24 March 2014;

CFRO Radio, Redeye, 5 April 2014


More Women Scholars, Fewer Public Intellectuals?

by Evette Dionne

8 July 2013

When I think of Dr. Brittney Cooper, Joan Morgan, Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry, Dr. Tanisha Ford, Dr. Treva Lindsey and Dr. Kaila Story, I imagine the intellectual ancestors smiling down on them. These women scholars are progressing public discourse through their academic work. Their scholarship ranges from hip-hop feminism to fashion as political resistance, but their influence within and outside of the confines of the academy makes their research accessible to those without advance-level degrees.

University World News

Speaking out – Women academics (not) in the media

by Karen MacGregor

29 June 2013

Research in Canada has revealed that although women make up a growing proportion of the academy, including in senior positions, men’s voices still outnumber women’s in the media by four to one. Women scholars are being trained to raise their public presence in a project that has wider implications for higher education and the media.

Radio photo

In All They “Sons” Command

by Larry Fedoruk

26 June 2013

There seems to be an ebb and flow to the debate of changing the lyrics to O Canada, our national anthem. We haven’t heard much about it for a couple of years now, but recently a non-profit gender equity group called Informed Opinions, has created a simple video promoting the change. I for one am willing to do my part to get the debate back into the forefront.

Yahoo News photo

Non-profit group relaunches campaign for gender neutral national anthem

by Andy Radia

25 June 2013

The debate about a gender-neutral national anthem has been on hiatus for the past couple of years — at least in the public sphere.

But an Ottawa-based non-profit group wants it back on the national agenda.

Informed Opinions — a social enterprise gender equity group — has produced a new YouTube video promoting the idea.

Macleans photo

Women missing from university leadership

by Melissa Sundardas

21 June 2013

While the number of women enrolled in higher education and hired as staff in universities is rising worldwide, the pace of this change and shift in attitude toward women leaders of universities is not happening quickly enough.


Event recap: “Overcoming anonymous in search of more fully clothed role models”

by Girl Geek Dinners Ottawa

30 April 2013

At our most recent dinner on April 16th, Shari Graydon, founder and catalyst of Informed Opinions, presented “Overcoming anonymous in search of more fully clothed role models.” Shari stressed the importance of the female voice; drawing awareness to the obstacles faced by influential women who speak up. Shari reminded us that we all have informed opinions, knowledge and experiences worth sharing.


Are “Binders Full of Women” Needed?

Panel discussion on TVO’s The Agenda

November 2012

Informed Opinions Founder, Shari Graydon joined Steve Paikin and others on The Agenda recently to talk about why expert women are often reluctant to be interviewed by the media.


Why are women underrepresented in the media?

by Norma Lee MacLeod (interview with Shari Graydon)

11 July 2012

Host of Maritime Noon, Norma Lee MacLeod speaks to Shari Graydon about the underrepresentation of women in the media, and how Informed Opinions is working to change this.


Women urged to speak up more often

by Sandra Thomas

9 May 2012

Working as a reporter, and in my case, also as a part-time opinion columnist, you open yourself up to comments both good and bad.

No matter how long I’ve been at this, I still struggle not to take nasty letters and comments personally while it seems it’s the exact opposite with my male colleagues who appear to revel in controversy.


On April 23, 2012, in response to an op ed she’d published on the Globe and Mail’s online commentary hub, Shari Graydon appeared on Sun News Network’s “Right Now” with Caryn Lieberman to speak about the significance of two strong female leaders in the Alberta election campaign.



Improving women’s participation in the public discourse

by Anjum Nayyar

1 February 2012

Research shows that female academic experts are seriously under-represented in the media, and this means that readers often lack a broader perspective on an issue, says a former journalist who monitors and studies female representation in the media.


Female Media, Fully Clothed

by Laura Beeston

31 January 2012

A cursory scan of Canadian daily newspapers will reveal some bleak statistics on gender parity today, as women’s perspectives—as both newsmakers and sources—make up only about 20 per cent of all voices being quoted or reported on.


Why aren’t more women in punditry?

by Kate Heartfield

10 January 2012

A few weeks ago, I met another female writer for lunch in downtown Ottawa. Before we’d finished with the menus, we were talking about an article that ran in The Globe and Mail a few days before, by Tabatha Southey. It was a column about sexual harrassment, and it was the kind of piece that could only be written by a woman.


Hillary’s wardrobe and me

by Janet Bagnell

December 22, 2011

On Dec. 1, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was photographed standing with Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi at the Nobel Prize winner’s Rangoon home. In a blinding acknowledgment of its historic importance, hundreds of cameras flashed simultaneously. I was watching it on television.

edmjournalvancouver suncitizen-logo

America’s rival to Laura Secord shines light on women in history

by Shari Graydon

November 28, 2011

As insults go, it’s a pretty mild one. But as Canadians gear up to mark the 200th anniversary of the battle that secured our future as an independent nation, a gauntlet has been thrown down, and the bravery of our most famous heroine has been dismissed as a mere walk in the park.


Five questions for Shari Graydon

by Lauren McKeon

November 9, 2011

Much has been made over the lack of women’s bylines in the opinion pages, but what about the number of women pontificators? We talk to Informed Opinions founder Shari Graydon about the dearth of women experts, the elusive “female voice”, and why we should care.


Where are women’s opinions?

by Kathy English

September 23, 2011

Why do the voices of women account for — at best — a fifth of the opinions expressed on the op-ed pages of this and other major Canadian daily newspapers?

The easy, knee-jerk feminist answer here would be to assume that since men (still) largely control the media, it naturally follows that female perspectives take a sorry second place to male viewpoints.

It is not that simple.


Women are still resistant to careers in science and technology

by Shari Graydon

September 19, 2011

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 20 years since Mattel released a “teen talk” Barbie doll programmed to proclaim “Math class is hard.”

Although the resulting outrage was swift and effective, two decades on the challenge of recruiting women into “STEM” fields — science, technology, engineering and math — continues. Just last month, the U.S. Department of Commerce released yet another study documenting the chronically low numbers of women, and hypothesizing about causes and solutions.


Making a case for media engagement

by Shari Graydon

May 18, 2011

For three years in the mid-1990’s, I had the privilege of sending a weekly memo to thousands of readers of the Vancouver Sun on whatever topic most concerned me. Only a small fraction of them replied (often, it must be admitted, in language that made clear their profound disagreement with my position, syntax, or gender), it was such a deeply satisfying exercise that I occasionally still seek to re-live the experience.

citizen-logovancouver sungazette


Women must speak up and make Canada better

by Shari Graydon

March 3, 2011

I was cutting across the parking lot of St. Patrick’s Basilica in Montreal on my way to the old port the day Pope John Paul II died in 2005. A TV reporter stopped me to ask if I would comment. Of course, I declined. Fortunately for the news crew, the love of my life was happy to oblige. I walked out of the camera’s range and turned back to observe him drop his pearls of wisdom.


Good reasons for women to speak up

by Shari Graydon

January 8, 2011

There’s a great moment in the recent British film, Made In Dagenham, that I’m guessing will resonate with many women, not just those who’ve worked in the macho car manufacturing industry. Based on a true story, the movie profiles a group of female Ford workers who go on strike for equal pay in 1968. In one scene, a crush of journalists is peppering the women with questions as they’re about to brave the unfamiliar territory of a meeting with the British Minister of Labour.


Bringing knowledgeable women into the conversation

by Shari Graydon

January 6, 2011

I’m standing in front of a room full of CBC radio producers and researchers in Toronto, and they’re all nodding their heads, agreeing with the words I’ve just spoken. You’d think this would make me happy. Instead, I’m furious.

University Affairs

Women need to participate more in public discourse. Why are they missing in action?

by Shari Graydon

December 6, 2010

Writing my master’s thesis during the mid-1990s while I also was writing a regular column for the Vancouver Sun offered an exercise in stark contrast.

Globe masthead oline

Matter. Of. Fact. If only government decisions were…

by Shari Graydon

September 13, 2010

I depend on my mechanic to identify the source of my 12-year-old car’s ignition problem before charging me $500 for a new part and the labour required to replace it.


Project aims to close gender gap in public discourse

By Shari Graydon

January 17, 2010

Even before my short-lived plunge into BC political waters as press secretary to premier Ujjal Dosanjh, I’d survived the kind of name-calling most people imagine being strictly reserved for terrorists or puppy mill operators


Calling All Experts

by Janet Nicol

Media Action’s Informed Options plans to build a knowledgeable, skilled bank of women to speak to and write for media outlets.