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tr>March 2017Concordia University (2 sessions), Montreal

Date Client
March 2017 Open session (for public), Ottawa
March 2017 University of Calgary, Calgary
February 2017 YWCA, Calgary
January 2017 McMaster University, School of Rehabilitation Science, Hamilton
January 2017 Open session (for public), Toronto
January 2017 SSHRC, Ottawa


Date Client
December 2016 Pro bono media relations skills for Violence Against Women advocates, Ottawa
November 2016 Pro bono commentary writing for Indigenous women, Ottawa
November 2016 DisAbled Women’s Network Canada, Ottawa
November 2016 University of Victoria, Victoria
November 2016 University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
November 2016 University of Windsor, Windsor
October 2016 University of Ottawa, Ottawa
October 2016 Bow Valley College, Calgary
October 2016 University of New Brunswick, Fredericton
October 2016 International Development Research Centre, Ottawa
September 2016 Open session (for public), Toronto
July 2016 Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, Toronto
July 2016 Open session (for public), Ottawa
June 2016 Stikeman Elliot, Toronto
June 2016 University of Waterloo, Waterloo (4 sessions)
June 2016 International Development Research Centre, Ottawa
May 2016 Academic Congress for the Humanities (3 sessions), Calgary
May 2016 SSHRC, Ottawa
May 2016 The Royal Society of Canada, Ottawa
May 2016 Open session (for public), Toronto
April 2016 OCUFA, Toronto
April 2016 Concordia University (4 sessions), Montreal
April 2016 Concordia University (4 sessions), Montreal
April 2016 Open session (for public), Ottawa
March 2016 Hay Mujeres, Santiago, Chile
March 2016 NSERC, Ottawa
March 2016 Open session (for public), Ottawa
March 2016 Canadian Council for International Cooperation, Ottawa
March 2016 University of Waterloo (2 sessions), Waterloo
March 2016 Women Entrepreneurs forum, University of Waterloo, Waterloo
January 2016 Automotive Industries Association, Ottawa
January 2016 Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Toronto


Date Client
December 2015 SSHRC, Ottawa
December 2015 CRSNC, Ottawa
November 2015 Genetic Counsellors webinar, National
November 2015 NSERC, Ottawa
November 2015 SSHRC, Ottawa
November 2015 Canada Research Data Centre Network conference, Toronto
October 2015 McMaster University, Hamilton (2 sessions)
October 2015 University of Waterloo, Waterloo (2 sessions)
October 2015 University of Waterloo media engagement refresher, Waterloo
October 2015 Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo
October 2015 University of Manitoba, Winnipeg (2 sessions)
October 2015 University of Manitoba media engagement refresher, Winnipeg
September 2015 University of Regina, Regina
September 2015 Leadership Presence for Women featuring Sarah Neville, Ottawa
June 2015 Dalhousie University, Faculty of Law workshop, Halifax
June 2015 WISE Atlantic, Connections Conference workshop, Sackville
May 2015 Communications workshop, Career Corner, Congress, Ottawa
May 2015 SSHRC Storytellers, Ottawa
May 2015 Open workshop, Ottawa
May 2015 OCUFA, Scholar’s workshop, Toronto
May 2015 Open workshop, Toronto
May 2015 SWAAC Conference workshop, Toronto
April 2015 Concordia University, Scholar’s workshop, Montreal
April 2015 Simon Fraser University, Scholar’s workshop, Vancouver
March 2015 Mount Allison University, Sackville (2 sessions)
March 2015 University of Alberta, Edmonton (2 sessions)
March 2015 SSHRC Enhanced Presentations workshop, Ottawa (2 sessions)
March 2015 University of Waterloo, Waterloo (2 sessions)
February 2015 Open workshop, Toronto


Date Client
October 2014 University of Waterloo, Waterloo
October 2014 University of Windsor, Windsor
June 2014 Open workshop (Ottawa)
May 2014 NSERC Quebec City, Quebec
May 2014 SSHRC Storytellers, St. Catharines, ON
May 2014 Congress Career Corner, Brock University, St. Catharines, ON
May 2014 Atkinson Foundation, Toronto, ON
May 2014 Wilfrid Laurier University (Brantford)
May 2014 University of Waterloo (2 sessions)
April 2014 University of British Columbia (4 sessions) (Vancouver)
April 2014 Women Transforming Cities (Vancouver)
April 2014 Open workshop (Toronto)
April 2014 Sustainable Prosperity (Ottawa)
April 2014 Nobel Women’s Initiative (Ottawa)
March 2014 University of Regina
March 2014 Faculty of Common Law, University of Ottawa
February 2014 Centre for Women in Business/Mount St. Vincent University (Halifax)
February 2014 Nobel Women’s Initiative (Ottawa)


Date Client
December 2013 Open Session (Ottawa)
December 2013 NSERC (Calgary)
December 2013 NSERC (Winnipeg)
November 2013 Elizabeth Fry Society (Toronto)
October 2013 Canadian Women’s Foundation (Calgary)
October 2013 CRIAW (Online Webinar)
October 2013 Nurses Association of New Brunswick (Fredricton)
September 2013 Nobel Women’s Initiative (Ottawa)
June 2013 Canadian Federation of Social Sciences and Humanities (Victoria)
June 2013 Open Session (Calgary)
June 2013 Open Session (Toronto)
June 2013 Famous Five/Enbridge (Calgary)
June 2013 Open Session (Ottawa)
April 2013 Canadian Women’s Foundation (Toronto)
April 2013 Public Policy Institute (Vancouver)
April 2013 University of British Columbia (4 sessions) (Vancouver)
April 2013 IMPART (Vancouver)
April 2013 Canadian Tourism Council (Vancouver)
March 2013 University of Ottawa
March 2013 University of Regina RESOLVE Program
March 2013 University of Regina
March 2013 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (Hamilton)
March 2013 WomanACT (Toronto)
February 2013 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (Ottawa)
February 2013 Canadian Women’s Foundation (Toronto)
February 2013 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (Vancouver)
January 2013 University of Calgary
January 2013 Open Session (Calgary)


Date Client
December 2012 University of Manitoba – 2 sessions (Winnipeg)
December 2012 University of Manitoba RESOLVE Program (Winnipeg)
October 2012 Mount Royal University (Calgary)
October 2012 Open Session (Ottawa)
August 2012 Canadian Nurses Association (Ottawa)
August 2012 Public Policy Forum (Ottawa)
June 2012 Toronto Women’s City Alliance
June 2012 Canadian Public Health Association (Edmonton)
June 2012 Canadian Women’s Foundation (Calgary)
June 2012 Canadian Nurses Association (Vancouver)
June 2012 Open Session, Vancouver
May 2012 Trudeau Foundation (Montebello)
May 2012 United Way (Toronto)
April 2012 Queen’s University (Kingston)
February 2012 Simon Fraser University (Vancouver)
January 2012 University of Waterloo
January 2012 Canadian Nurses Association (Ottawa)


Date Client
December 2011 York University – Osgoode Hall Law School (Toronto)
October 2011 Dalhousie University – Schulich School of Law (Halifax)
August 2011 Open Session (Ottawa)
May 2011 Trudeau Foundation (Whistler)
April 2011 Queen’s University (Kingston)
April 2011 Kingston NGOs (Queen’s University) Open Session
March 2011 Simon Fraser University (Vancouver)
March 2011 Vancouver NGOs (Simon Fraser University) Open Session
January 2011 University of Western Ontario (London)
January 2011 Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women (London)
January 2011 University of Victoria
January 2011 Victoria NGOs (University of Victoria) Open Session


Date Client
December 2010 Open Session (Toronto)
May 2010 Trudeau Foundation (Saskatoon)
April 2010 University of Ottawa
December 2009 University of Ottawa