Informed Opinions is a self-sustaining social enterprise of the non-profit organization, Media Action. We rely completely on individual donations and the income from our workshops and speaking engagements to deliver our programming. Fees depend on how customized the content is, the amount of time and travel involved, the size of the audience, the amount of advance notice provided, and/or the resource capacity of the sponsoring organization.

Given our mandate to amplify women’s voices and build women’s leadership, we work hard to accommodate requests from organizations and initiatives that are aligned with our values and aims and seek to reduce costs through coordinating travel with other commitments.


Writing Compelling Commentary; Making the Most of Media Interviews; Communicating with Confidence; Delivering Persuasive Presentations

Half day (less 10% for existing partners) $2,000 – $3,500 + HST

Full day (less 10 % for existing partners) $4,000 – $5,400 + HST


Quote developed in response to client briefing, assessment of needs.


Participant fee for half-day commentary writing workshop  $400 + HST

NGO participant working in organization with 10 or more staff $300 + HST

NGO participant working in organization with fewer than 10 staff $200 + HST


Variations on the themes of the importance of women speaking up, the under-representation of women in the media, differences in how men and women communicate $1,500 – $5,000 + HST


Addresses that significantly depart from the above theme, and/or require tailoring to the specific context or concerns of a particular audience. $2,500 – $7,000 + HST

Putting a Pricing on Profile and Influence:

If you’re looking to influence decision-makers, educate voters, or merely raise awareness about some poorly understood but important issue, what’s the best way to do that?

Commanding attention from the business, government and community leaders who read influential news sources – in print or online – is a great place to start, in part because you benefit from the implied editorial endorsement that comes from providing authoritative content in an established source.

Writing timely, engaging and accessible commentary that’s deemed interesting, relevant and publishable allows you to deliver a controlled message on a topic about which you’re more knowledgeable than most.

Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of competition for the spots open to unsolicited commentators. That means that it really helps to know what you’re doing. There’s an art to writing a short-form persuasive argument for a general audience that will genuinely engage and convince readers.

In this context, the $400 we charge is a bargain. We know what we’re doing. Over the past seven years, Informed Opinions has assisted hundreds of others to translate their expertise into commentaries compelling enough to be disseminated by respected newspapers and online news sites across the country. Many of our organizational partners invite us back as a result.

As a participant in one of our full-day workshops, you’ll leave with a clear understanding of what’s required, already-vetted draft components of your own arguments, and some concrete tools to help you complete and submit it.

As importantly, the workshop fee you pay also buys you one-on-one editing feedback on a finished draft submitted within three months of the workshop.

All that – and the capacity to write better, more convincing analyses for the rest of your life – for the price of a round-trip discount commuter flight between Ottawa and Toronto.

Finally, consider the cost of attending one of our op ed writing workshops in the context of your potential impact. Many of our published “graduates” have received multiple follow-up interview requests from other print and broadcast media, earning national exposure or TV profile. Others report that their op eds generated queries from government officials, industry leaders or prospective partners. Still others have experienced a boost in their own professional credibility or influence as a result of being on the op ed page.

What price tag would you put on results like those?