In our work to amplify women’s voices and enhance their leadership prospects, we offer 60-90-minute Lunch & Learn sessions for a sliding scale fee and/or the purchase of copies of OMG – What if I really AM the best person?  Contact us for more details or to book a session.

The Top 7 Reasons Smart Women Should Speak Up

Women constitute 61% of university graduates, but their perspectives account for less than 20% of the commentaries in Canada’s largest daily newspapers and on public affairs talk shows. But that absences from both the corridors of power AND the dominant opinions media means women’s capacity to influence the policies and priorities of the country are also diminished. Longtime Media Action advocate and former columnist Shari Graydon explores the causes and consequences of the current gender gap, and encourages women to see themselves as an important part of the solution.

Speaking While Female – Being heard in a male-dominated world

Women’s contributions are increasingly valued by organizations attentive to the evidence about the value of drawing on the entire talent pool. But research makes clear that it’s still harder for women to be heard in workplaces dominated by men. This session offers concrete strategies for women seeking to increase their impact by speaking up in ways that enhance their ability to exercise influence.

Making the Most of Media Interviews

Mother Teresa once confessed that she found dealing with the media more difficult than bathing a leper. And yet in today’s communications-saturated world, the capacity to make the most of a media interview is a significant asset. As a former political press secretary, newspaper columnist, TV producer and NGO spokesperson, Shari Graydon brings stories and advice from both sides of the microphone. This interactive session solicits attendees’ concerns and offers practical tips and tools for turning media interviews into opportunities.