Informed Opinions’ founder Shari Graydon draws on her actor’s training, sense of humour and belief in the persuasive power of research and storytelling combined in crafting and delivering her engaging presentations, which she tailors to the interests of the audiences she addresses. Contact us for more information.

OMG! What if I really AM the best person? (Now available in book version!)

Women constitute 61% of university graduates but their voices account for less than 25% of those authoring commentaries of Canada’s largest daily newspapers and featured as sources or on public affairs talk shows. That’s a problem. When women are absent from both the corridors of power AND the dominant news and opinion media, their perspectives and priorities are less likely to exert influence. Informed Opinions is working to change that. We explore the causes and consequences of the gap, mobilizing women to see themselves as an important part of the solution.  

Amplified Voice = Increased Impact

That old chestnut about “it’s not what you know, but who” needs revising. Because if your goal is to increase your impact, sometimes it’s not who you know, but who knows you. The best way to overcome unconscious bias is to challenge it with visible demonstrations of your competence. This story-rich keynote shares research-supported context and offers concrete suggestions for how you can amplify your voice, raise your profile, and position yourself as a contributor, while increasing the role models for others.

Abridged Keynote: Top Reasons Women Need to Speak Up

Shari in action at the Vancouver Public Salon, February 2012: