Journalists seeking expert sources tell us that qualified women decline interview requests much more often than men, believing that they have to be the most qualified person to offer context and analysis on a particular issue. In contrast, accepting that they’ve been contacted because they have expertise, male sources are generally more willing to add what value they can to the journalist’s story.

As a consequence, men’s voices outnumber women’s in influential opinion media by a factor of 4 to 1. And that’s a problem – for all of us; it means Canada’s public discourse often fails to reflect or benefit from women’s experiences, insights and priorities.
Informed Opinions is working to build women’s leadership capacity and bridge this gap to ensure that Canada makes the best use of the analysis of a wide diversity of experts. We train smart women across Canada to translate their knowledge into accessible, relevant media commentary and engaging and persuasive presentations. We also manage a database of women experts to help make them more accessible to journalists.

Proven training supports female experts 

Informed Opinions is building women’s leadership capacity, equipping experts in a wide range of fields and disciplines with tools and strategies to better share their knowledge. Our full- and half-day sessions are supplemented with comprehensive resource materials and online profile and support. Participants emerge with an enhanced ability to convey authority and draw attention to important issues, which is reflected in the growing number of published op eds by workshop graduates.

Hundreds of women who’ve attended Writing Compelling Commentary sessions in BC, Nova Scotia and Ontario have rated their experience very highly:

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