Millions Reached by Informed Opinions Grads

Through our Writing Compelling Commentary workshops, Informed Opinions is connecting with a growing number of impressive Canadian women boasting a broad range of expertise. Many who have participated in our training, have used the skills we teach to craft and contribute thoughtful commentary to media outlets across the country.

Recently, we calculated the potential number of people our grads have reached through their written commentary, and the final tally awed us.

With circulation data from the Newspapers Canada’s 2010 paid daily newspaper statistics, we determined that the Informed Opinions grads featured on our website alone, have collectively reached over 8,000,000.

Contemplating the total reminded me of a film I saw over a decade ago, Pay It Forward.

The movie explores the journey of a young boy whose teacher inspires him to improve the world by doing good needs, not as repayment, but in hopes that others will emulate the good deed and contribute to a domino effect of positivity.

The “pay it forward” effect stretched farther than the boy could have initially conceived of, demonstrating that one positive act can lead to a world of change.

Similarly, Informed Opinions workshops may only last a day, or even a half-day, but they’re having a significant and growing impact.

After attending one workshop, many Informed Opinions grads have gone on to write compelling opinion pieces, often sharing their ideas with millions of readers.

Together, they have set an incredible example for other women to share their expertise through informed commentary.

Now, that’s what I call paying it forward.


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