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Imagine if we lived in a world where women were encouraged and supported in sharing their unique insights and formidable talents at every opportunity…

In pursuit of realizing just such a world, Informed Opinions’ founder and catalyst, Shari Graydon has been inspiring women across the country to overcome that little-but-loud voice so many of us harbour inside (the one that often blurts out, “I’m not really the best person” when we’re invited to speak publicly).

OMG: What if I really AM the best person? features the humour, stories, images and research that Shari delivers in her frequent keynotes, in an engaging, accessible package designed by the fabulous Emily Chen. Its motivational message makes it a compelling reminder to all women of why the world needs their voices.  ORDER YOUR COPY HERE!

And if your organization is aligned with the goal of amplifying women’s voices, and think that a short, engaging print version of Shari’s talk about why women need to speak up would be of interest to your members, employees or supporters, we would be happy to explore bulk discounts.

Also available: Sassy cartoon cards

Our cartoon cards feature the OMG! classic, plus four other designs. A 10-pack (two of each) offers a small dose of solidarity and affirmation for the women in your life, and spreads the word about our work amplifying women’s voices and making Canada a more equitable place!

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