… making “we couldn’t find any expert women” obsolete!

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Women constitute 60 percent of university graduates in Canada and have been achieving senior positions in many industries for some time now. Their visible leadership – as provincial premiers, university presidents, national news anchors – speaks to the gains made in recent years.

However, their voices remain seriously under-represented in public discourse. Recent research has found that women’s voices currently make up only 29% of those being heard on the air or quoted in print in Canada. And the fact is that little has changed in more than two decades: women have edged up a mere 5% as expert voices in the media since 1993.

Conference programmers have wrestled with similar imbalances. Executive recruiters also affirm research findings indicating that whereas many men will apply for jobs if they have half the listed qualifications, women are more likely to hold back unless they meet all identified criteria.

Informed Opinions is now building on three decades of research and advocacy work by Media Action to improve the representation of women in the media, and four years of delivering concrete results in amplifying women’s voices, to create a uniquely Canadian resource.

Since 2010, we have recruited almost 500 women across a wide variety of fields and disciplines who have expressed interest in engaging with media, and have agreed to be listed in an experts database designed to make them easier to find.

Now we’re building a significantly upgraded and expanded resource to help journalists, conference planners, corporate recruiters and others find the women they need, while also helping to amplify women’s voices in public discourse.


ExpertWomen/FemmesExpertes will:

  • profile expert Canadian women from a wide diversity of disciplines and fields
  • issue regular media alerts featuring sources able to provide context and analysis to current news stories
  • partner with women’s professional groups, universities, research funding councils and other non-profit and business organizations to recruit women experts to the portal and make it as comprehensive and useful as possible


If you are:

…a journalist wanting to find a female expert or to be added to our mailing list,

…a woman with significant knowledge and experience in your field or on a newsworthy topic,

…or a donor with the capacity to support more democratic media in Canada,

Please contact:

Meredith Dault, Project Manager, at meredith@informedopinions.org