Anne Marie Hubert a true “Champion of Women”

All we can say is: she deserves it!

Informed Opinions salutes Honorary Patron, Anne Marie Hubert, Managing Partner, Advisory Services at Ernst & Young, for her selection as one of three Champions of Women in Business leaders chosen by Catalyst Canada.

Familiar with her reputation as a consummate professional who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo, we were delighted when she agreed last year to honour the project with her support. She regularly champions the importance of drawing on women’s talents, providing economic context for equity. In 2009, she published a commentary about the issue in
La Presse that galvanized business leaders in Montreal.

Here’s just a sample of the message she regularly delivers to those she influences:

“The vast economic potential of women as an economic force has yet to be realized. Research shows that women make significant and proven contributions to business and economic growth. Now is the time to realize and harness the positive effect that women’s economic empowerment and leadership can have on the global economy.”

Anne Marie will be honoured at the Catalyst Canada Honours Conference in Toronto on the afternoon of November 5th. We hope to be there!

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